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Turn your iPhone or iPad into a scoring machine!

Record Video, score the game, all at once

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Or score without video, and add video later!

Get stats, video for the whole team

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Tap to add events offline

Adjust alignment, edit or add events

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Tap to add events offline

Adjust alignment, edit or add events

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Select all the clips to export

The highlight reel will be composed of all selected Video

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Export to Camera Roll or just play

Videos spliced in the order selected

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Video in the Camera Roll

Play Video or share on social media

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Get Stats by Player

Select by date range, or by game

Take Tour Take Tour

Record, score, Share!

Video and score simultaneously. In expert mode, you can take video of the game and score all the events at the same time, no need for post editing. Once the teams and game is created, you record events with simple taps by just following the action on the screen.

You can replace the manual scoring sheet by using the score without video mode, you will get all that you would on the sheet, plus deeper analysis of percentages, minutes played etc. Again, just simple taps to record the events.

If either of those 2 modes are not easy enough, then just take the video and edit later by importing the footage!

Once all the scoring is done, then is when the magic happens: automatic stats, highlight reels, and video for all to share!

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Download the app in AppStore.

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Need a video coordinator?

Once the game has been scored, the app becomes your own video coordinator!

After you have edited the game, you will now be able to find any sequence, for teaching purposes. You can contrast, early season vs late season execution to demonstrate improvement.

Use it for indvidual or group sessions, in the gym, on the bus, at home, anywhere, teaching never stops! Since the files are local on the device, no need for a network connection to eat up expensive bandwidth. There is nothing like being able to demonstrate the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly! Younger players are visual learners, and this tool goes a long way to accelerate the learning process!


Contact us @ support@bballscore.ca for information request, support or enhacement request, bug submission or general feedback


Choose the app that fits your needs.

  • iPhone [BBallScore]
  • 20 Events, 5 Players on screen, Numbers only on screen
  • Need to sub players on and off
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $ 10.99

  • iPad [BBallScorePro]
  • > 20+ Events, All Players on screen, Numbers and names on screen
  • No need to sub players on and off
  • +/- is tracked when game is scored in expert mode
  • - Easier to score complicated sequences, e.g. missed 2 or 3 and rebound. The user only needs to select player who misses the shot and who rebounds, the app determines whether it is an offensive or defensive rebound.
  • -Easier subbing: You can sub team 1 and team 2 at the same time by just tapping to sub any player on, and tap again to sub them off. Can be completed with or without the running clock.
  • US $2.49 per month (2 weeks free!)